Emmie Fairhope is a mother, a grandmother, and a retiree who’s rediscovering the world through her grandchildrens’ imaginations, and, oh, what a world it is! Filled with wonder and discovery, and overflowing with joy, laughter, tall tales and corny jokes.

One Day We All Stayed Home is her first children’s picture book but not her first children’s story as she’s spent many hours telling her grandsons stories about their father’s childhood adventures (with much artistic license).

Emmie has a Bachelor of Science degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences, and spent nineteen years as a social worker. Since retiring she spends most of her time with her grandchildren and extended family, her friends, and in the pursuit of various hobbies such as gardening, trying new recipes in the kitchen, and learning something new every day. You can connect with her at the following places:

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